Omolola Salako

10 Women Showing Up // Builders Edition


Dr. Omolola Salako 

Founder, Sebeccly Cancer Care, Oncopadi Technologies and Pearl Oncology Specialist Hospital

Fondly called “The People’s Oncologist,” Dr. Omolola Salako is one of Nigeria’s 85 Clinical and Radiation Oncologists. 

She is a global health leader, award-winning cancer researcher, and senior lecturer at the College of Medicine, University of Lagos. She was awarded  1 of the brightest minds in cancer research by the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

She is on a mission to help people, especially women, prevent, treat and survive cancer.


Impact Report

In 2003, Dr Omolola Salako lost her sister to cancer. Since then, she has been a force against cancer and touching lives at scale:

  • Reached 1,000,000 people with cancer awareness messages.
  • Provided free breast and cervical cancer screening for 30,000 women.
  • Taught 10,000 medical students and residents.
  • Formed the largest pink human awareness ribbon for cancer with 7,500 people.
  • Treated 5,000 cancer patients.
  • Conducted 1,000 community health outreaches across Nigeria.
  • Mentored 300 medical students and healthcare professionals.
  • Published 50 articles in high-impact peer-reviewed journals.
  • Received 12 funded grants and awards.
  • Built 4 digital oncology products.
  • Created 2 digital media initiatives: Cancer on the Street Podcast and Prevent Cancer Academy.


We asked Dr. Omolola for Clues

Something that catalyzed your growth - besides working hard?

I enjoy discovering new places and immersing myself in a different environment. As part of my indigo growth strategy, I make it a point to visit a few new countries every year. 

I have a unique habit of engaging in deep thinking during take-off and landing; there’s a way I try to synchronize my thoughts with the speed of the plane and experience profound contemplation in a vacuum. This practice has helped me solve some complex problems, so I always look forward to my trips.

Something you're most proud of?

In 2015, I attempted to break a Guinness World Record for breast cancer awareness with the hashtag #12KLLP. We organized over 7,598 people to wear pink t-shirts and stand in a ribbon formation for about 10 minutes. 

During the 6-hour period it took to form the ribbon, we sang the National Anthem, chanted songs, and prayed. We also educated participants about breast cancer and available health resources and provided free health services. Looking at the #12LLP picture always makes me smile, as it reminds me of the Sebecccly team and volunteers & audacity despite our limited resources.

On Showing Up

If you have a vision or an idea that God has placed in your heart, don’t hesitate to get started. Don’t wait for everything to be perfect; just take the first step and then the next.

Though your vision may seem too big and daunting, remember that God will honor and accelerate you for showing up to serve others. Be brave and follow in the footsteps of Esther and David, who showed up without fear.

Worth Remembering

Courage over regret, What are you waiting for?!

- Dr Omolola Salako


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