You've been saying you want to build your brand. Step into the next season, knowing exactly how to make it happen.

This is your time!

You know that you're meant for more.
You have a gift that can help others.

But at the moment:

  • Only your friends & family know what you do
  • The internet seems crowded
  • You're not sure how to stand out
  • Most tips online are generic and ineffective
  • You need a cheerleader (tough to admit, but true)
  • You want step-by-step, expert guidance

Personal Brand Accelerator

The #1 membership experience to help you build a profitable personal brand. You'll get exclusive access to:

  • Training to help you build your brand from the ground up
  • Tools that save you time and effort
  • Tasks that keep you accountable
  • Tribe of like-minded people who "get it" and will show up to encourage, and give you useful feedback.

I love how pressure-free and easy-to-implement this is

I joined PBA because I wanted to establish authority in my field and needed a roadmap. That was the right decision!

Now, my message is being fine-tuned daily and I know what to focus on at every point as I build my personal brand. Tasks are straight to the point and easy to implement. I love the people, our WINS, the encouragement, and how pressure free it is!

I like the support and community interaction especially that I don't have to see 1000 notifications from group messaging. I’ve had the opportunity to meet people here doing amazing work and see their growth. 

Temi Durojaiye
Registered Nurse and Blogger

I'm not afraid anymore

A concept that I finally grasped for the first time is your incredible approach to content. You are so relatable and you helped me articulate what I wanted to do even when my thoughts were all over the place. 

You bring your whole self and A-game. I haven't seen a coach who gives like you. What others try so hard to hide, you freely give.

Your materials have improved my content. I don't struggle to create content because you opened my eyes to see it everywhere I look.

I don't fear content creation any more.

Tabitha Arenson A.
Founder, Virtuous Reusable Pads

What does it take to become visible & impactful online?

"Oh Tolu... It takes Blood, Sweat, and Time that you don't have. Seriously... You have to put yourself out there, build an audience, create engaging content, share your story, be consistent, put a face to your work? Ahh!!..."

HOLD ON! I do all these things - without sweat. Can I hold your hand?

It's time to do things differently...

Before Personal Brand Accelerator

  • Unclear what your brand is about
  • No idea how to tell your personal story
  • Inconsistently showing up online because there's no roadmap you're following. Just wingin' it
  • Confused about how to create content that moves people to like, comment or even buy

After Personal Brand Accelerator

  • Know the exact steps to build your brand and Win the mindset game to show up daily  
  • Easily craft and tell your personal story 
  • Invitations to speak, collaborate or even feature in media articles because your value is visible
  • Attract opportunities that others hustle for


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Plus weekly tools, strategies and inspiration to grow your personal brand


Founder, CupArise |Cancer Control Advocate

I hit the ground running

I have gained clarity on my personal brand and become confident with creating and sharing content, thanks to the resources on the platform. I applied to an incubator program with my app idea and we won an award! Following this, I represented King’s (my Alma Mata) at a pitch competition and we became the 2022 champion. All within the first quarter! 

Personal Brand Accelerator is an enriching and supportive community. Thank you so much for your support!”


Where to start, what to avoid, and how to tell that you're on the right track.

  • How to build your personal brand as a multi-talented person: with tools and exact steps
  • The 6 brand shifts of a visible and valuable brand PLUS detailed building blocks for each
  • Get out of LinkedIn Limbo with specific LinkedIn power content
  • Discover your content personality and use it as a leverage to stand out and shine effortlessly
  • Create relevant & relatable content for social media, when you're not creative or interesting 
  • How to break through the noise and build your online presence — even in a crowded field.
  • Mindset boosts for showing up, even if you're shy, quiet or introverted 
  • How to craft and tell your personal story to build credibility
  • Keys to using the right words on your website and everywhere you show up
  • Use the secrets of natural networking to 10x the quality of your social circle

“I didn’t know where to start with my personal brand. I love that you made it so simple, anyone can understand. I now have clarity on what to do and know how to share my thoughts. My audience is responding, and even looking forward to me showing up.”


Everything you'll love


Online courses to help you increase your visibility, credibility, and impact. You can literally take it one course at a time. We continue to upgrade our training library to support your journey.

$5,500 VALUE

Your faves don't start from scratch. And you shouldn't either. Want to write your bio? There's a template for that. Time for social media comeback? There are scripts for it. Need to title your Reels? there's a formula.

$2,000 VALUE

Enjoy meaningful connections with world-changers who are ready to inspire and support you. Informal mentorship is happening, and people are making solid connections inside here.


Best part is there's continuous guidance AND so much more... without any hint of overwhelm

Current Pricing

*Please note that these were the figures as at our last enrollment, pricing may change by the next enrollment date*




  • Courses to Build your personal brand with confidence
  • Creative tools & templates so you Stand out in your industry
  • Unlimited Q & A and opportunities for feedback 
  • Top-tier Community & the best friends on the internet
  • VIP access to monthly Live Workshops
  • SAVE 20% by paying in full.


MONTHLY for 4 months

  • Courses to Build your personal brand with confidence
  • Creative tools & templates so you Stand out in your industry
  • Unlimited Q & A and opportunities for feedback 
  • Top-tier Community & the best friends on the internet
  • VIP access to monthly Live Workshops
  • Flexible Payment Plan (In 4 installments)

Who you'll meet here

This is not a status group. Having a small (or zero) audience does not disqualify you. Being a celebrity doesn't disqualify you either. It's also not about who makes the loudest noise. Introverts and Ambiverts are welcome. What matters is that you want to grow a purposeful and profitable brand.

  • Creatives
  • Coaches
  • Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs


How is this different from Profit ACCELERATOR?

Profit Accelerator is for online business owners. It's a 6-month experience where you'll clarify your positioning, package an irresistible offer, and promote it for consistent sales. The focus is to help you attract the right clients to purchase the right offer, repeatedly.

Personal Brand Accelerator is 1-year of continuous guidance to build your brand, stand out online, and scale your impact - whether you're a business owner or not. In here, you'll turbocharge your content, visibility, online presence, storytelling, etc.. 

SHOWUP Circle is the umbrella name of our client community. No matter which of our programs you're in, you're a member of SHOWUP Circle.

Many of our Personal Brand Accelerator clients join Profit Accelerator when they're ready.

They are not the same, and the content is different.

What if I'm just starting with no existing brand?

A wise man said "the best time to get a map is before you get lost." No matter what your niche is, or your level of experience, Personal Brand Accelerator is where you'll learn what strategies are working today for growing your personal brand.

And quite frankly, if you're just starting, this is the most cost-effective way to access all the training and tools you need without buying them all separately.

How does the Payment work?

Personal Brand Accelerator is subscription-based and your payment renews every year. 

When your subscription is due for renewal, we'll charge your card automatically, except you cancel. If you cancel your subscription or your card cannot be charged after several trials, our system revokes your access to the community, courses and all other exclusive content.

You can cancel whenever you choose, we won't even attempt to stop you. However, please note that you can only cancel your subscription against the next renewal. We don't offer refunds, so your membership will be active until that particular subscription you paid for is used up - no matter when you cancel.



We have manyyy Professionals here who understand the need to build a profitable personal brand independent of work.

There are men here! We do have more women than men, and proudly so. But TM works with male clients all the time and men are always welcome.

Everything we teach in Personal Branding Accelerator can be applied by anyone. The important thing is that you want to build your brand and you want to be in community with us. 


Good Q! Personal Branding Accelerator is not for you if you want what we don't offer eg:

  • 1:1 coaching
  • Advice on legal, tax structures, raising VC funding, manufacturing, or distribution (we intentionally do not cover these topics).
  • A place to dump promos about your services. We let people pitch, but every interaction here is based on respect, mutual value, and we believe in giving and taking.
  • A done-for-you service. We give you the plan, tools, training, and even implementation service providers. And, you will play your part.

BEST FIT: You’re looking to put yourself out there, build your brand and you don't mind doing it. You just need the guidance and tools to get there.

What if I’m subscribed to another membership?

That's ok. This community is solely focused on growing your brand. We're not a “business success community,” “wealth club” or a generic “empowerment tribe.” The focus here is really focused. We want to help you grow your brand, reach a larger audience, and share your message with the world. In short, we want to make sure your name is mentioned among the people making a difference and impacting lives online. That’s our focus here. The question is are you ready to show up for it?


Happy to help. Send it to us at

They Say

Why They Love it Here

Drive, Inspiration and bliss

SHOWUP Circle has been a blessing, an inspiration and a driver... thank you for everything you did to make it so. I love how you're so precise on the steps to take. You've encouraged me to believe more in myself and what I have to offer. You're never aggressive on why your way is the ultimate... there are other people talking about personal branding but you come from a genuine place of care, not "do-it-or-die". I've never regretted the time or money spent with you. Always worth it!


TM has a lovely "authentic" vibe about her and I think this set the tone for the community. We are not comparing ourselves to anyone else, but simply encouraged to reach within and build from a place of authenticity and truth. I loved the days she showed up to member-events with her daughter; it was so authentic and made me feel there was nothing I couldn't achieve or "limitations" I couldn't overcome. Thanks for the authenticity!


Founder, The Refined Lady School

To be honest, the inspiration I receive from this community is more than words can express. The energy and focus is deep. It continues to benefit me everyday and I’m so grateful. It has impacted my mind, self and business.

The courses gave me clarity on what to focus on at each stage of building my brand. It’s been ah-mazing! There's still a lot to achieve, but I love how I'm moving and the growth opportunities.


Audit Tutor and ICAN Success Coach

Personal Brand Accelerator gives you...

Everything you need to increase your visibilitycredibility, and grow your impact - without losing yourself.

It's time to Show up with clarity, Stand out confidently and Attract the right opportunities.

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