Adedotun Soyemi

10 Women Showing Up // Builders Edition


Adedotun Soyemi

Book Launch and Communications Strategist

Adedotun is a Book Launch and Communications Strategist. She helps authors increase their impact, influence, and income through book launching, promotion, and author branding.

As a Communications Strategist, she has been instrumental in helping senior executives and leading organizations improve their visibility, finetune their messaging, and connect with their audience.


Impact Report

Adedotun has been building:

  • Reached over 1000 authors from 6 countries through my VIP book launch planning packages, free training, and coaching.
  • Led the successful execution of 10 book launches with 1000s of copies sold.
  • Hosted the #LaunchYourBookWithDotun challenge, teaching authors how to launch and promote their books profitably and without stress.
  • Taught over 1000 young ladies and supported new mums through private mentoring, physical and virtual speaking engagements.


We asked Adedotun for Clues

Something that catalyzed your growth - besides working hard?

Investing in myself and being deliberate about the quality of relationships I keep has catalyzed my growth.

These two things constantly renew my mind and remind me of what is possible.

Something you're most proud of?

My resolve to build again. After almost giving up on so many things, I decided to build and execute ruthlessly, no matter how busy I get as a mum of two or what life brings. I said no to excuses.

Since I made this decision, I have gone back to finishing projects I started- my book, a podcast, and of course building my business. I’m excited to share them with the world.

I’ve learned audacity, resilience, and the importance of staying consistent.

On Showing Up

Building is not pretty at the beginning, but if you stay consistent at showing up and doing the work, you’ll look back and be proud you didn’t stop.

So, keep going.

Worth Remembering

Don’t be ashamed to start again and when you do, be audacious about it.

- ADEdotun Soyemi


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