Reposition your Brand, Refine your Messaging, Revamp your Offers & Raise your rates. It's your time for premium clients and predictable profits

You deserve more ease and profits, so that you can impact more lives.

All yours! Here's a proven system for predictable profit & a dream team supporting you every step of the way.

"I've never regretted the time or money spent with you. It's always worth it."

Grace Samuel,

You're brilliant and capable

Given your level of expertise and experience, your monthly income should be at least 5-figures, but you don’t know how to grow past the invisible ceiling of doing more to earn more. You're stuck selling affordable products and onboarding clients who can't afford your real value. You don’t have the right strategy or systems to attract & retain your desired clients. You're often overlooked, underpaid, and it’s sooo frustrating. Well, here are the things you need to fix ASAP:


Elevate and differentiate your brand with a magnetic message that articulates your value and attracts quality clients daily.


Elegantly package your expertise into an irresistible offer that gets results, referrals, & revenue💰 every time! Simple, but not easy


Effortlessly launch, sell and market using conversion content that brings consistent, predictable profit every month..

Profit Systems

Ease into freedom and flexibility with solid structure automations that produce remarkable results and recurring profits

Articulate your Value. Accelerate your Profits.

Starting a business is not hard. People start every day.

Growing the business however, requires clarity, systems, and the ability to present the right offer to the right clients at the right price - every single day.

You want to make consistent profits, doing work you love. 

But without a roadmap or guidance, it gets overwhelming.

Profit Accelerator will fast-track your growth and save you months of expensive trial & error.

How do we do this?
Glad you Asked!

We focus on human-led support that help you refine your mindset, reach important milestones, and restructure your business to earn more while working less:


We don't only show you what to do, we review what you did. Sales Page? Offer? Launch plan? A trained advisor will review your work and show you how and where to sharpen. 

Coaching Support

Sharp & seasoned group coaching with TM, drawing her experience as a Positioning Expert & Entrepreneur. Get ready for meaningful relationships with likeminded people.

World-class Training

Top-notch curriculum showing you how to attract the right audience, convert them to clients, and position yourself as an industry leader - skills you can replicate any time.


It's love at first sight with these plug-and-play Playbooks to save you 15+ hours every week in content creation and operational work; including cheatsheets, toolkits, and templates.

Here's why people trust the methods I teach...

Bola Adefila

Manufacturer & Author

Bank Alerts Buzzing!

Tolu, because of you my website is buzzing with subscription for online course and appointment bookings for my one on one consultation. 😘

Steve Harris

Life & Business Coach

Amazing, Compelling, Websites

Tolu is one of the best I know, when it comes to messaging. She's incredible and she knows how to help you communicate the value of your business to your clients using amazing, compelling branding.

Ajoke Emekene

Digital Marketing Expert

She shows you HOW

My favorite thing about Tolu's teaching style is that she breaks down complex ideas till they become really simple and completely achievable. She's not only able to show you what, she also shows you how.


Get the Support and Strategy to build the business of your dreams.

This 3-month accelerator includes:

  • Profit Accelerator Curriculum including Positioning, Product, Promotion, Profit systems, and more...
  • 1:1 review of your sales page, offer & launch plan
  • Weekly progress review and Accountability chat
  • 6 group coaching calls with Tolu Michaels
  • Monthly playbooks to help you craft your story, build your offer, and automate your profit system
  • Unlimited, daily support in our Private Lounge
  • Plug-and-play marketing, content and sales templates
  • Proven sales scripts, launch emails, and webinar templates to make your launch seamless.

Lock your spot! Make this the year of consistent profit

We've taught hundreds of online entrepreneurs.

They say...

I wanted to elevate our positioning, client experience and raise prices. That's exactly what happened.

Because of your program, I doubled my prices and still got lots of enrollment.

The support you offer is impressive. You helped us reposition and improve our messaging to connect better with ideal clients. The templates and recommended tools saved time, energy, and upgraded our community completely.

You also helped with structuring our business for sustainability, improving the efficiency of my team..

Working with you was amazing, I left satisfied.

Tobi Otokiti -
Senior Product Leader and Founder, ProductDive

I joined the program because I wanted my business to be profitable but didn't know how. I attracted people who were happy to take my knowledge but not pay for it.

This program helped me position myself such that even after raising my prices significantly, clients are still signing up for my program and the quality of my audience has increased!

There's something special about entering the space of someone who knows their stuff. Tolu knows her stuff and her work has shaped my work. 

If you're considering Profit Accelerator, sign up! You will never regret it. 

Bunmi Oduah -
Relationship Expert and Author, Waiting Gracefully

ogaga-johnson-showup hq

I wanted to create a system where I could coach more people. I just didn't know how to present my work, show its value and sell it.

This program showed me how to present my work with clarity and gave me confidence to price my service correctly. Within a year, I made a side income of 5 figures, helped over 200 young professionals prepare for the PMP exam and enrolled 50 students in my program.

Today, we're now a full-service company with a team and multiple 6-figures in revenue.

Tolu, you provide real value and inspire me to do the same for my clients. Thank you.

Ogaga Johnson - 
Project Management Consultant

make this your year of

Consistent Profits with

Profit Accelerator.

This is the #1 Business Accelerator for Creators, Consultants & Coaches who want to raise their rates, reclaim their time and revamp their offers to deliver premium client results and predictable profits within the next 6 months - through elevated positioning, excellent products and elegant profit systems.

What You'll Achieve in Profit Accelerator

This is an opportunity to work with Tolu Michaels & Team SHOWUP HQ to refine your messaging, mindset, method, and marketing strategy so that your brand and business can stand the test of time.

Clarify your message

Claim your expertise, craft your personal story and nail your signature process. Use our Specialty Spotlight Matrix to show up as a real expert & attract the exact clients you dream of. 

create your irresistible offer

Package and price offers that fit your Dream Clients like a glove. You'll design your program - from curriculum to onboarding. Plus the magnetic freebie formula to drive traffic to your offer.

customize your touchpoints

Prepare your brand to attract *premium buyers*, nurture your email community and solidify your visual & verbal identity with our Beautiful Brilliance Method. Templates included!

craft content that CONNECTS

Use our Serve and Sell roadmap for "Expert content" to create visibility and credibility without sacrificing authenticity. Consistently market yourself without sounding sleazy. Take our story stash, and promotion plan to plan your next 6 months of content. All plug-n-play!

convert clients on autopilot

Use our Predictable Profit System and step-by-step launch strategy to attract, enroll and delight quality clients while you profit consistently. You don't have to work round the clock. Get the complete blueprint of how we launch products with elegance and keep selling beyond a launch .


Use our Solid Structure Blueprint to automate how you work with the people that keep your lights on. From nurturing your email list, to growing your team, we've got you covered with templates, JDs, and an Operating System that you can replicate.

See that? This is a curriculum-based program, nothing is random.

This program is a HIT for many reasons

Abraham O.

Life Skills Trainer & Author

I found gold!

I have signed up for programs in the past and got some form of help; but this was a total reset. I found gold.

Now, I can articulate my expertise. I've also created my digital home and refined my business structure to accommodate all my expressions.

This remains one of my best investments this year. The modules are rich without being stuffy.

You don't only get a Digital Educator in Tolu Michaels, you also get a Business Coach and Mentor.

Adeife A.

Hybrid Events Expert and coach for Event Planners

I've got the clarity, and the program is not done yet

In the first few weeks of the program, I got all the clarity I was seeking.

I've helped about 100 event professionals now. 

I'm confident, I'm perceived as the digital expert in my industry and all that is because of how I have positioned myself.

I am glad I finally joined this program.

Dumebi Oti

Co-founder, Just Moved to Yankee

One of my best investments so far!

Tolu knows her stuff and she teaches it with simplicity.

I've also met amazing people I may not otherwise have met - because of this program.

The templates and resources are well thought out and truly helpful.

If you want to build a business out of your personal brand, I definitely recommend this program. 

It's one of the best personal investments I've made recently.


We make a clear promise because we have a concrete process.

Profit Accelerator is THE online program that teaches you how to position your expertise, package your brand, promote your offer & grow a profitable online business at the SAME TIME. Here's how:


We don't wing it here. The lessons, coaching calls and 24/7 accountability are part of a curriculum that combines timeless business principles with proven marketing strategies.


The trainings are released in weekly modules, along with Easy-to-follow videos, done-for-you templates, beautiful playbooks & thoughtful human support. Fluff? We don't know what that is!


The entire program is hosted in our online school and private virtual community. So, you can join us in your Powersuit or in your PJs. There is no traveling required.

YES! You can reposition your brand, become the go-to in your niche, with paying clients and month after month of predictable income.

I know, because I do it all the time!

Hi! I'm Tolu Michaels.

I’ve been making money online since 2017, and helping my clients do the same. I've trained over 28k entrepreneurs, launched a bestselling book, sold out premium programs, featured in top media publications, and named one of 100 most inspiring women in Nigeria.

What you'll learn in Profit Accelerator is grounded in experience and proven methods.

You see, I didn't start out to become an "expert" or "influencer." I just wanted to help people and earn more money to support my family. Today, I've built a top-tier digital education company without changing myself or compromising my values.

I know what it takes to build something from nothing and believe this, There’s never been a better time to show up online and build a business that matters.

This is your step-by-step roadmap to clarify your message, confidently claim your expertise, connect with a smarter audience, & create repeatable profit.

It would be my honor to welcome and support you inside. Apply now.

What they say about Tolu Michaels

Grace Samuel

Wedding Strategist

Genuine care

I love how you are so precise on the steps to take. You've encouraged me to believe more in myself and what I have to offer.

You're never aggressive on why your way is the ultimate... there are other people teaching brand positioning but you come from a genuine place of care, not "do-it-or-die".

I've never regretted the time or money spent with you. The value I get is always worth it.

Remi Makanjuola

Founder, Grace To Parent

David to every tech Goliath

Tolu Michaels is a superhero! She is like the Superman to every brand kryptonite.

She patiently breaks down complex concepts into simple, actionable steps you can understand and do yourself.

Because of her, I no longer have to hire 5 different experts.

Working with Tolu saved me time and money. Now, I spend less time worrying and more time doing what I love and serving those I’m called to.

Yagazie Eguare

Lead Creative, GazMadu Studios

Carefully profers solutions

I love how you carefully ask questions, listen, see patterns across the different things in my head, and proffer solutions that aligned with my vision. 

It felt like you were a messenger from God propelling me to really see where I am now and what's ahead of me.

I love that you aren't pushy about your opinions and kept a positive demeanor all through. I love your honesty and the entire process of working with you - from the beginning to end.

Is this right for me?

If you want to authentically establish your expertise, attract better clients, while aligning your business to your values, this is it.

This is the Business Accelerator for Experts like you.

Looking for a sign? Take Three!


You want to help people and you know you can, but You've decided that googling around and mixing random tips cannot be your strategy going forward.


You now have a bigger vision for your business and you're ready to take your brand to the next level. It's time for a brand that attracts opportunities daily.


You’re ready to be known for your value, sell impactful products, and confidently raise your prices. So, you want to clearly communicate that value.

Integrated Business Support

You may have heard about our training frameworks. In Profit Accelerator, we bring them together in an elegant and cohesive system, rather than as isolated silos. Our clients love this about our ability to support you from end-end. Profit Accelerator curriculum includes:

Position for Profit

Position your expertise to attract premium clients & profitable opportunities

Offer Builder

Create and Sell an Irresistible offer, with an unforgettable Client Experience.

Inbox Champion

Everything you need to build & nurture a 6-figure relationship with your Email List.

Best-Selling Author Blueprint

An inside look into how to write, market and sell a best-seller.

Sales Scripts

Sales Essentials, How to hold sales calls, and Scripts for dealing with buyer objections.

Profitable Launch Kit

Every tool, asset and content you need before, during, and after a launch.

After you Apply...

We'll review the application and get back to you within 72 hours. If our program is a good fit for you, we'll invite you to book a mini strategy call to discuss your brand vision, profit routines and how we can support you to get those premium clients and consistent profits.

Availability is varied because we typically get lots of application this season. If you're thinking of joining us in 2024, apply now.

This program hosts online business owners around the world, in diverse niches. It’s exciting, and it produces fabulous results for you.

Apply to join Profit Accelerator

If what you've read so far match your next-level goals for your online business, you owe it to yourself to apply.

Get my direct oversight and playbooks to Step up as the expert in your niche so you can play bigger, charge higher and impact lives at scale.

My vision for you is BIG! ✨

And I know how to help you get there.

THIS is your next step….

Investment: Profit Accelerator is a 4-figure investment; starting at 3 installments of $850 per month.

See what past clients had to say


Olubunmi O.

Certified Cleaning Expert and Consultant

Fantastic, reliable, time-saving

Before joining the program, I was confused about many things and lacked clarity about my business. Tolu helped me feel so comfortable in my skin and skills.

She showed me the blueprint, guided me, and helped me save time. My fears and unanswered questions are gone.

Tolu is such a fantastic, reliable, smart, and articulate coach. I have met quite a number of coaches, but she is one with a huge difference.

I’m so happy to call her my coach. Thank you TM for your time, patience and the safe space you provided for this journey.

Bodam T.

Feminine Leadership Coach

Worth the investment!

I had this big vision to help women become elegant and refined but I struggled with how to express what I wanted to help them with. I had started serving some clients but I wasn't quite sure I had positioned myself and my vision properly for maximum impact and profitability.

Profit Accelerator solved this for me. The brand positioning exercise was gold - I like how TM pushed me to really think about what I was saying and if it connected. I'm glad that we got there in the end.

For anyone looking to join PA, I advise you GO FOR IT! Shorten your journey: shorten your learning curve! Your vision is worth the investment in you and this program covers everything! The lessons aren't too long and most importantly, everything leans towards instant implementation! Just do it!

Doofan H.

Apostle of Love

Right message, Right tools

Before P.A, I was running my business more as a hobby and charity, even though I had invested a significant amount of money in tools and courses to enhance my skills and knowledge.

Unfortunately, I wasn't experiencing the financial profitability I had hoped for. I want to express my gratitude to TM for being in the trenches with "us" and for sharing the right message just when we needed it.

That's why I decided to join P.A. Now, I have the right tools and a better understanding of how to use them effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to apply?

We're not interested in just selling you something. We are committed to serving those whom our program can actually help. Because we take the time to make sure our program is the right fit for your vision and needs, it improves the quality of clients in our community.

Besides, if your application is approved and we do get on a call, you'll benefit from the clarity whether you join the program or not.

I have a business already. Will this work for me?

Yes. In fact, some of our clients realize that they've built a house without foundations.

If you even suspect that your positioning is off, your messaging is not resonating, or your offer is not hitting the mark, then please get in here. Reinvention is necessary to stay relevant.

We'll support you to step into a level of specificity, visibility and irresistibility that you didn't even know was possible.

I'm just starting my Online Business. I need guidance on what services to sell and how to package it.

Congratulations! The best time to get a map is before you get lost. In this program you'll get the tools, strategy and support you need to hit the ground running and avoid costly mistakes. We even have a checklist and scorecard to first make sure your business idea is profitable. After that, we go deep into packaging offers, finding clients, and selling authentically. Everything is laid out in clear, step-by-step roadmaps. As long as you have true expertise to sell, You are in the right place! If you've never sold anything before, then we may recommend another program entirely. Please do apply.

What if I don't have a large audience?

No problem. In fact, some of our clients realize that the audience they thought they had doesn't fit the service they now want to sell.

So, nobody is ever quite finished with building an audience. That's why we show you how to grow your audience and gain their trust, even if you're starting from scratch.

We'll guide you to build a smarter, more engaged audience, but to be very clear, you don't need a large audience to create repeatable profit, you just need enough buyers.

How much does it cost? Are there payment plans?

The investment for Profit Accelerator is $2500 USD. We also provide a flexible payment plan for up to 6 months.

What if I want to work with you privately?

The Accelerator has an amazing private group that everyone benefits from. It's curated and exclusive. Most people do not even need 1:1 work.

However, if you really want 1:1 attention, we definitely have provision for that!

Head over here to learn more about working 1:1 with Tolu Michaels. Heads up! 1:1 Spots are super limited.

How much help will I get? Can I talk to someone if I get stuck?

Yes, there are lots of ways you can speak to me AND to other fantastic business owners. Profit Accelerator includes a vibrant community of business owners and go-getters. You can reach out for answers, feedback, and support whenever you need it and get responses from the community. Tolu Michaels is also in the community every weekday as well.

We also host live progress calls with Tolu Michaels, exclusively for this Accelerator. She'll help you make progress and break through barriers — as well as answer all questions. Unlimited feedback, Unlimited Q&A, and replays are available.

You also get a personalized review of your sales page, offer breakdown and launch plan. 

Finally, you have 1 year access to the curriculum, so if you need to review or revisit something, you can get back to it any time within the year.

I have other Questions

Please proceed to Apply, and let us know your extra questions in the application.

How is Profit Accelerator Different?

While they tell you what to do, we show you how to do it. Holding nothing back, we give you the Training, Techniques, Tools and even Templates.

If you're ready to reposition, package and profit from your online business, this is THE program.

From your messaging to visual branding, product packaging, authentic selling and community building, we give you everything you need to position yourself as a no-brainer choice for dream clients, and completely transform your business from the inside out.


When other programs mention access, they mean the Coach will show up in a FB group once a week. We work beside you throughout. Implementation group and Strategy sessions, included. We're rooting for you and we show up for you. Your win is our win.


While other programs seek to motivate or inspire you, we believe that RESULTS are motivating. We do MINDSET and MILESTONES. Others can ramble, we don't have time for that. We understand that since this is not a done-for-you service, we must make it easy for you to DO. Lessons are clear, crisp, and concise. You'll love this if you want a SYSTEM you can follow, and advice to implement, not just "tips".


The reason other programs seem to force their way as the highway is because they fit you in the "make money" box. But we know there is more to you. We see you as a leader, so our curriculum is built to help you make money AND make a difference.

Our Clients love Profit Accelerator because we deliver results.

We’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs in more than 25 countries.

We’d be delighted to help you too.♥

I got my First Client!

Ewa Eni-Odunjo

Pre-marital Educator & Emotional wellness coach

I got my first client! A dating couple paid for my Friction Free relationship therapy. Before now, I've been putting in the work but it wasn't translating into better opportunities for profit. The highest I had previously charged for my services was $80. 

Now, I have positioned myself as an expert. My starter offer is $224 and I didn't even have to persuade them, they came eager and ready to buy. It's incredible how, after 6 years, I am finally able to do what I love both passionately AND profitably.I still can't get over how generous TM was in creating this program. Not only were the lessons easy to follow, with clear action steps, there were tons of tools and templates to help me get to my goal quicker.

It feels good to be able to charge a premium, and even better to know how to deliver premium experiences for my clients. Profit Accelerator gave me the clarity and audacity to go premium.

I took a bet on myself signing up for this, and I have no regrets!

Practical + Gift of Access

David Ogunshola

Innovation Catalyst

I came to Profit Accelerator as a very skilled, but confused professional. I have never doubted my abilities or the quality of my work.

People tell me all the time how much value my work brings them, but why won't they give me the money? I was always overworked and hopeful that one day, the money would come, but it was taking too long.

Now, my mindset about money has changed, I now put real value on my skills and time. I had earlier charged N35,000 per month for coaching.

When I joined Profit Accelerator and saw how ridiculously embarrassing that price was, I repackaged the offer with a rate of N150,000 per month. To my shock, someone immediately paid the new fee so her classes could continue. Aaaahhhh, so people will pay whatever you charge when they know the value is higher? This was a revelation.

Profit Accelerator helped me reinvent David 2.0. Coach Tolu Michaels, your work has value and it's making a difference. God bless you.

Fascinating Kindness

Grace Amoka

Teacher, Trainer, Speaker

It is the kindness in looking out for her clients in little and big ways that fascinate me the most about TM. I remember when my major worry was if teachers would pay for my coaching program in the way Tolu Michaels showed was possible.

She asked me a question that shifted my perspective and steal shifts my perspective whenever scarcity mindset confronts me. She said "Why do you think you're the only teacher in the world willing to invest in yourself? If you, Grace could pay so much to be here, why do you think other teachers won't find your work valuable enough to pay for it? That's what we need to work on."

She helped me believe in myself as much as I believed in her ability to help me.

Practical + Gift of Access

Clem Busayo

Usherpreneur & Author

In Profit Accelerator, I learned how to:

  • Share what I do with clarity
  • Serve new and existing ushering business owners with heart, generosity, and excellence.
  • Sell my value with more confidence

Even the bonuses were super valuable, especially the one on How to become a bestselling author - it was practical, and showed me exactly how to position my book.

Beyond these, I'm so grateful for the gift of access to the people I've met on this program.


Doors opened for me

Temitope Falade-Aderibigbe

Founder, Mothers' Haven network

Before Profit Accelerator, I constantly felt stuck and had several scattered, unprofitable ideas.

Because of Profit Accelerator, I was able to create a profitable done-for-you service, a visibility community for moms, and I've written 2 beautiful e-books.

One thing I really love is the content. I can never recover from the mind-shift ever. I am so grateful for the many doors it has opened for me.

Profit Accelerator is perfect for people who need clarity with their message, expert content to grow their online business, confidence to charge their worth, and offer their most authentic service. They'll also get an elevated community and evergreen network.

Thank you for the Ph.D grade work you put into this program. Thank you for your kind heart, and for showing us possibilities.

No Fluff, No-nonsense

Lady Wunmi Akinlosotu

Helping Expat women blossom in new environments

Prior to joining the program, I struggled to align the various aspects of my work and convey them effectively. Thanks to Profit Accelerator, my messaging and positioning have become crystal clear. You equipped me with the tools to consolidate my expertise and present it cohesively.

What sets this program apart is its no-nonsense approach. The training provided is devoid of fluff and begins from the basics, delving deep to ensure comprehensive understanding and a strong business foundation.

This program is best for individuals aiming to establish themselves as experts, while generating a profit from their endeavors. This program will guide you to position yourself as a credible authority while concurrently building a successful business.

Thanks to P.A, I now have the confidence and know-how to position myself as a known & profitable expert.

Exceeded my Expectations

Ese Arokamoni

Transformation Strategist | Healthcare Professional

I came to this program with nothing more than a zeal to learn and an idea in my head that I have been offering and helping people with - but not even a name for what I wanted to call it.

Though I went in with high hopes and a few reservations, this program exceeded my expectations. I have not only better positioned my brand, but I have also grown more confident, made new connections, and met individuals who shared my fire, fervor, persistence, and similar journeys.

While still in the program, I got honored with the award of "Best Transformation Strategist," which made it to one of the leading newspapers in the Gulf region because I have now learned how to position my expertise.

One notable aspect of the program was how TM delved into the depths of my mind and helped me articulate my thoughts and ideas, even when I struggled to put them into words. This unique ability to tap into the essence of my thoughts and translate them effectively was truly remarkable.

For anyone seeking to enhance their positioning, gain authority, and increase profitability, Profit Accelerator is an exceptional opportunity. 

Get in while you can! Applications are now open for 2024! 

Position, Package & Profit consistently from your expertise, with premium clients who value your work and gladly pay what you charge.

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