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Invite into Profit Accelerator is application-based because we like to be sure we're a great match for the results you want, before getting on a call with you. Please be as detailed as possible in your response, we won't ask for what we don't need. 

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I came into this program with decision paralysis, not knowing where to start. Now, I feel more capable and my mindset has surely improved. If there's something I'm good at, it's following instructions so I’m grateful for how TM lays it all out. Before Profit Accelerator, I didn't have the insight to frame content ideas through the lens of my dream clients. But now, it comes easily to me.

Chioma Opeyemi

/ Travel Designer


Profit Accelerator feels like an excavating, refurbishing, and blossoming bootcamp all at the same time. TM's support has wowed me. I would have fallen off many other programs by now or not done the work as much as I have here, but I am pushing through limiting beliefs, doubts & fears. And I'm just wondering "It feels like we should have paid more for this." 

Grace Amoka 

/ Teacher Coach, Trainer & Speaker 



At the beginning of the program, I wasn’t sure how things would turn out, but wow. This program re-introduced me to me. My mindset towards my work, how I see myself and my abilities have changed.

Profit Accelerator helped me define my process to the point where I can confidently guarantee great client results - I didn't even know that was possible.

Adedotun Soyemi

/ Product Launch & Visibility Expert