This is how to Show Up

- Tolu michaels

Show Up

Almost everyone says, “success starts with showing up,” but how exactly do you do that?

How do you show up and stand out when many people can do what you do and anybody with internet access can learn what you know?

How do you muster the courage to put yourself out there, do work you love and attract clients you like, especially when you’re not visibly successful yet?

There Are Many Reasons

 Show Up was an Amazon best-seller, in multiple categories

“Replete with personal stories and practical steps, this book provides proof that you are not alone, and inspires you to share your perspectives with full permission. Show Up is inspirational, disruptive and practical.”


CEO House of Tara Int'l

"Show Up draws upon the experience of Tolu Michaels shares wisdom in a very honest, relatable and pleasantly motivating way. Her idea that passion and profit can coexist, and have a life-changing impact on lives across the globe, is a breath of fresh air!"


Life Coach, Podcast Host and Author

"SHOW UP! I love it all, from the title to the personal stories, key insights and how Tolu links everything together in this book. The Show Up Exercises are the icing on the cake, they are actionable and a great way to get started."

ED, Junior Achievement Nigeria

Show Up is the Blueprint you need to make money while making a difference.

Almost everyone says, “success starts with showing up,” but how exactly do you do that? How do you show up and stand out online?

The answers to these questions from the core of this inspiring and practical book, Show Up.

In this easy-to-follow guide, you’ll find clarity to position yourself as a visible and valuable brand, strategies to communicate your message in a way that people listen, a framework for creating products and services that sell themselves, and confidence to create a business you love.

You don’t have to change yourself to be seen or lose your voice to be heard. There is always room for the best, and you can become the best available option for the people you want to serve. Show Up by Tolu Michaels is the blueprint you need to make that happen.

More than a Book Blueprint!

Self-help books may have a bad rep. But Show Up is not a bunch of to-dos. It includes:


In this book, you get strategies, to position yourself to make a difference, and a new found ability to communicate your value in a way that people pay attention and give you permission to help them.


If you never saw a woman drive a car, would you know that women could drive too? If the people coming after us cannot see us, they can't be us. That's why samples are sprinkled in Show Up book for you to see. 


The stories drive the point home and give you undeniable confidence that you too can Show Up. Interesting, relatable and helpful, reading these stories will strengthen your resolve and excitement!


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Where to start, What to avoid, and How to keep showing up.

In these pages, you will find all the resources and strategies necessary to build a profitable brand (even if you have ZERO experience!), including:

  • The tools and exact steps you need to show up, stand out, and share your message with the world.
  • Where your multiple talents have worked against you and what to do instead.
  • Tried-and-true profit pathways and income building strategies (+ how to pick the right ones for you!)
  • Simple strategies for creating products & services that sell themselves
  • "The triple treat test” to help you verify a profitable idea, even if you have no business experience.
  • How to build an engaged audience of people excited to pay for the results you deliver.
  • What to do if you're not an “expert,” and how to show up without losing your authenticity.
  • The answers to your personal branding questions, including “where should I start?” “what content should I be sharing,?” and “what if I'm not fancy or famous?”
  • How to create content that makes people say YES - even in a crowded market
  • Straightforward instructions for a winning personal website, including your page must-haves

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Get the Show Up Bonus Pack including business idea samples, photoshoot checklist, and more.

Bonus gift #2

Use the Show Up Exercises after each chapter to make implementation quick, easy, and fun. Templates Included!

Bonus gift #3

Let the Show Up Reflections grind imposter syndrome and give you momentum to show up. 

Chapter LIST

  • Prologue: Purpose and Profit? 
  • 1: Frying fish, the modern way 
  • 2: Starting with multiple talents 
  • 3: Find your profitable idea 
  • 4: Becoming the best available option 
  • 5: Building your personal brand 

Chapter LIST

  • Prologue: Purpose and Profit? 
  • Chapter 1: Frying fish, the modern way 
  • Chapter 2: Starting with multiple talents 
  • Chapter 3: Find your profitable idea 
  • Chapter 4: Becoming the best available option 
  • Chapter 5: Building your personal brand 
  • Chapter 6: Create products & services that sell themselves 
  • Chapter 7: Putting yourself out there
  • Chapter 8: Standing out online; Your personal website
  • Chapter 9: From audience to customer
  • Chapter 10: How to create content that makes people say YES
  • Chapter 11: Dealing with imposter syndrome
  • Chapter 12: Keep Showing Up


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Uplifting & educating

I liked that examples were drawn from different areas; from children and even road construction. The writing was matter-of-factly – This book was very inspiring, motivating and uplifting but not at the expense of educating me.

Deborah E.

Gospel Artiste

So many Gems!!

It's easy to read, so insightful, and there are so many gems that I don't even know where to start. Like I already wanted to start highlighting!! As someone who struggles with self-promotion, this helped me start to reframe my mindset and my approach to marketing myself and my work.

Chioma A.

Travel Experience Designer

Done struggling

I felt like the author knew my struggle and addressed every aspect. I’m usually confused about what to post about on social media, because I seem to be passionate about many things. But, reading this, I realize I’m a multi-passionate person and I’ll reflect just that.

Grace S.

Product Leader

About the Author

Tolu Michaels

Within three years of leaving her last job, Tolu Michaels picked up new skills and built a profitable digital business with clients across 5 continents. Every week, she trains thousands of entrepreneurs online, and reaches an audience of over 50,000 across several digital platforms.

As a Brand Positioning Strategist, she helps entrepreneurs get the clarity and confidence to communicate their unique value, attract premium clients, and impact lives profitably.

She speaks to audiences around the globe, showing them that personal branding has to be purposeful and profitable, for sustainable impact.

She has a certification in Disruptive Strategy from Harvard Business School and a B.Eng. from Covenant University. When Tolu is not cuddling with her family, she can be found teaching, writing or podcasting at

Tolu Michaels has been featured at...

You'll like this Author's style

Illustrative storytelling

I liked where the author used feedback she received from a customer to describe how that customer relationship happened & blossomed from someone who was just a member of the audience to a paying customer. Her story illustrated the point and it kept me hooked.

Tobi O.

Cost Consultant

A veritable blueprint

I loved how Tolu Michaels broke down limiting beliefs one after the other. The words were spot on, relatable and easy to understand. I just couldn't breeze through; I had to stop and think for most pages PLUS the template and questions; this is rich!! This is a veritable blueprint for becoming a known expert and for showing up at the same time.

Abraham O.

Life Skills Coach

Personal & Easy

As always, Tolu Michaels did a great job of connecting with the reader. It felt personal, like she was conversing with me directly. It was also very easy to read and follow - I could remember key points and the lessons learned after reading. 

Tofunmi A.

Business Consultant


Discover how to build a profitable brand, doing work you love.

Something for everyone! If you already understand the impact you want to make, Show Up takes you on a deeper dive; if you are at the beginning and not sure what to sell, what a brand is, or how to build one, Show Up simplifies it and walks with you right from the beginning to the finish line..."

- Olabisi Ola-Soetan; Founder, SecretPlace Wife

Their Favorite Quotes from Show Up

"No matter how competent you are, it won’t matter if you are unclear, untrusted and unknown!"

- Esther

"It’s up to you to communicate how you’re different from other people who are just as competent as you. Notice, I said different, not better."

- Ogaga

"If you’re going to be worth learning from, then you will need to learn from deep wells and not shallow waters."

- Grace


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“Show Up isn't just a slang or another motivational speech. It's the most practical book you'll lay your hands on. Every chapter has a life story, life lesson, and life exercise. I know that even just one wake up call you get from this book is worth it.”

Grace Samuel

Product Leader

Get your own copy. You're worth it! When you show up for yourself like this, you not only create progress and prosperity in your life, you also give others permission to do the same.

More than a book..

“Show Up book encouraged me and it was like a breath beneath my wings making me know that I can even show up in a greater way.

Not just that, The author took a step further to show how to do it. It's more than a book, it's a guide to showing up consistently in life.”

Ogaga J.

Treasure of secrets..

“Show Up is a treasure of secrets that revolutionalizes your perspective and approach to life and business. As I read, I could tell that TM doesn't want her readers to make mistakes.
If you'd like to maximize your potential whilst still living a balanced life, then I recommend Show Up 100%.”

Adeboro O.

Speaks to every situation..

“Show up book has many sides to it that speak directly to your situation; whether you currently have a job, or are in search of one or just thinking of a side hustle.

It made me feel empowered, I saw how I could make any dream become reality by Showing Up.”

Temiloluwa A.

A whole Masterclass!

Show up is a whole Masterclass and coaching session all in one.

TM is the best out there. Through this book, she changed my entire mindset and gave me the blueprint to build a profitable business. She's really good at this thing!

Tonye Marvin-Uche


Reassuring & Educative

Show Up is reassuring as much as it is educative.

I love how the author shares her story from not knowing how to start her dream business to creating her own path because she was inspired by others who were 'showing up'. 

I look forward to implementing the 4 pathways for turning my skills into products, as described in the book.

Nnennaya Fakoya-Smith


Timely Must-Read

From the first line, I could totally relate! This is a must-read for everyone, especially in these times where there's so much emphasis on profit and little attention to purpose. 

It felt like Tolu was speaking to just me! I found it inspiring and it's one of the most practical books I've ever read.

Modupe Idowu


Simplicity, Wisdom.. A Masterpiece!

I picked up my Show Up book to read just one chapter only tonight, to remind myself of personal branding but I haven't been able to drop it.

I'm reminded of the relatable stories, simplicity and wisdom expressed in the book.

It's a masterpiece and again, I want to say thank you for showing up and for writing this book.

Oluwabukola G.

First book I'm finishing in a long time.

'Show Up' is the first book I am finishing in a long time.

A lot of action items and very relatable and valuable information.

For the first time, I am not overwhelmed with ideas and no clear steps to take. I am starting from where I am with clear laid down goals. You will be hearing more from me, on the world stage and also in your mailbox.

Thank you for showing up.

Success O.

Actionable Manual

Show Up is a go-to manual. Every time I get stuck, I go back to read and find my way out. The book is actionable and takes the reader from where they are to where they want to be.

The interesting part is, I first borrowed the book from a colleague. We were talking about personal branding and she offered to lend a book that does justice to the topic.

Now, I'm getting my own copy, and will also gladly recommend the book to others.

Christiana O.

Show Up is more than a mantra. It's a practical, instructive, actionable mindset for those on a mission of generous contribution, courageous action, and meaningful work.

And it's about to make you remarkable.

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