Deborah Ijeoma

10 Women Showing Up // Resilient Creators Edition


Deborah Ijeoma

Idea Launch Strategist, Founder YOURJOURNALSISTER

Deborah Ijeoma, also known as YourJournalSister, is an idea launch strategist and journal curator. She helps Christians using journaling to launch divinely-inspired ideas.

This is so they can create influence, impact, and income. Her journals help you redesign your life so you soar in your potential and scale the impact and income you make.


Impact Report

In the past 2 years of showing up, Deborah:

  • Created 7 thoughtful journals and directly helped over 1000 people with fail-proof strategies and an overwhelm-free approach to launching their ideas.
  • Hosted physical training sessions to help people launch innovative and impact-driven ideas in 5 major cities and counting in Nigeria. These have resulted in 200+ transformation stories from attendees.
  • Showed up weekly with video content, now over 200, teaching & inspiring people through online. Sent emails to her thriving community of about 2000 people.
  • Helped a business analyst package and launch his event idea and exceed his launch goals by 150%.
  • Helped a beauty business owner with strategies to develop her idea and effectively penetrate the market. Today, they've launched over 17 products successfully.


We asked Deborah for Clues

Something that catalyzed your growth - besides working hard?

Looking at the impact I've been able to make in such a short while, this can majorly be linked to constant learning and always giving myself permission to reinvent myself. I've read books, signed up for programs, taken courses, and crafted a fueling routine. This has allowed me to create influence, impact, and generate Income to support the things I care about.

One wise investment has been joining SHOWUP Circle. In less than a year of interacting with the learning modules and insightful community, I've been able to clarify and craft my message. This has allowed me to stand out and position myself as an authority in my field.

Something you're most proud of?

I’m proud of building and scaling our brand in a volatile economy like Nigeria. It has definitely shown us that for every hard situation we are faced with, there's a hardcore strategy needed to scale through. We've successfully partnered with bright visionaries to launch thriving ideas in the beauty and fashion industries, and in the consulting space. 

On Resilience

There are so many possibilities on the other side of execution. Once you move past the limitations and continue to show up with commitment, you will be rewarded for the impact you are making. Shift your focus from “what ifs” to “what is.” Rather than what if you fail, ask what you need to make this idea a success.

Worth Remembering

You have all the gifts, talents, and skills you need on the inside of you, All you have to do is hone those gifts and own the innovative idea you've been created to launch.

- Deborah Ijeoma


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