Bodam Taiwo

10 Women Showing Up // Resilient Creators Edition


Bodam Taiwo

Head of Portfolio, Pernod Ricard, Coach & Author

Bodam Taiwo is a marketing, branding and communications expert, feminine leadership coach and author. She has been instrumental in starting new businesses and building luxury and premium brands across Western Africa.

She is a volunteer Mentor with The University of Reading, The University of Surrey and the Association of Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) Through her Refined Lady Movement and the Queens Gathering, she empowers women to discover and harness the power of femininity and elegance and grow their spirituality.


Impact Report

From 2020 till date, Bodam has:

  • Taught for 200+ Hours at almost 100 physical + virtual events
  • S-published a book, Be-You-Ti-Ful, and collaborated on a book on marketing ethics with two professors from Lagos Business School.
  • Recorded 40+ videos on her YouTube channel,16 podcast episodes for her Cocktails with B.T and been a guest on ~10 podcast shows.
  • Hosted a 3-day Hybrid Summit, The Refined Lady’s Summit, with 6 Speakers and almost 500 guests in attendance.
  • Trained 5 organisations across Leadership, Business Etiquette and Corporate Ethics


We asked Bodam for Clues

Something that catalyzed your growth - besides working hard?

In 2019, I started intentionally investing in myself. I have invested in transformational coaching with IMMERSE Coaching Company since 2019. I also invested in SHOWUP Circle and this is my second year with this community. Finally, I was part of a year-long Accelerator Program, Visionary Compass Accelerator Program. All of this I did alongside my full-time job.

Also, I read and research widely around my vision and the problem I’m called to solve.
I also make room for silence and solitude. This has been pivotal as it gives me room to think deeply. I dream, brainstorm, write and imagine what the world will be like if more women step into whom they were created to be.

Something you're most proud of?

I hosted The Refined Lady’s Summit in 2022 when I had no prior experience hosting summits. I did this afraid! On hard days, I questioned why I wanted to do it. But the vision for equipping, inspiring and catalysing the women gripped my heart and wouldn’t let go.  

There were cold emails with some resulting in no's but many resulting in yes! Then there were the sleepless nights and financial investment necessary to create the right platform and the right ambience for the attendees. It was a phenomenal three days!The feedback from the summit has been humbling and heart-warming. I’m grateful to have birthed this summit upon the earth. 

On Resilience

I think of resilience as a muscle that is built by the choices we make every day. Would you spend 20 minutes researching your vision or scrolling on Instagram? That’s a choice. Would you rather spend an extra hour building out a mind map or watching an episode of your favorite series? That’s another choice. Would you prefer to spend time building out that proposal or having a nap? Or would you rather practice a new language for a few minutes or play a game on your phone?
It's not easy but growing in resilience means strengthening our ability to say no to lower desires. We can choose the greater good or practice delayed gratification because of the big picture set before us.
So, my question to you is, “what is your big vision?” “What sets your heart on fire?” “What problem do you want to solve?” “What do you have to say no to, so you can say yes to what truly matters?”

Worth Remembering

Some mornings, you will wake up and wonder about the relevance of what you’re working so hard on. I have had those moments. On those days, you won’t be motivated by the potential wealth, fame or awards. What will keep you going is the conviction that you have a solution to a pressing problem of this generation. So, before you get started on your vision, invest in strengthening that conviction. It will serve you in the days to come.

- lady bodam


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