Tobi Otokiti

10 Women Showing Up // Resilient Creators Edition


Tobi Otokiti

Product Management expert and Founder, ProductDive

Tobi is a 2022 award winner of US TechWomen. She is a lead product manager with a decade of experience working in 3 Unicorn companies (Flutterwave, Andela and Interswitch).

Her expertise spans building technology products in the FinTech and EdTech industries. She founded ProductDive, the largest and friendliest product management community in Africa. She volunteers her time to mentor startups at Techstars. She is also a member of the Forbes Technology Council. Tobi is a wife and mother to two amazing children.


Impact Report

Between 2020 and now, Tobi:

  • Founded ProductDive, the largest and friendliest product management community in Africa with 16,000 career professionals.
  • Taught and coached over 1700 career professionals to become competent product managers.
  • Created a product management course that has helped 1,000 career professionals kick-start their journey into product management.
  • Built several tech products that have positively impacted over 30 million lives globally.
  • Became a member and contributing writer on the Forbes Technology Council.


We asked Tobi for Clues

Something that catalyzed your growth - besides working hard?

Investing in my self-development has catalysed my growth. I do this first by analysing my skill gaps and where I need help. Once I can identify the gaps, I invest in myself by taking courses, paying for a coach, attending conferences, and joining a community of practice.

Also, volunteering in the tech community, helping product managers and tech startups succeed has expanded my network, thus impacting my growth.

Lastly, creating the right support structure and processes at home and in my business has set me up for success in my career.

Something you're most proud of?

Despite numerous reasons to give up, I’m proud of my courage to keep going. I’m an intrapreneur with a full-time job as a lead product manager in a leading FinTech organisation and a successful business owner.

This is whilst also building the leading product management school and community.

On Resilience

As a business owner, staying resilient means not getting tired of analysing your business landscape and investing in your product, process and people.

Worth Remembering

Vision is clearer in motion. Choose courage and bet on yourself.



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