Ogaga Johnson

10 Women Showing Up // Resilient Creators Edition


Ogaga Johnson

Project Management Consultant & EdTech Founder, OJC

Ogaga Johnson helps organizations deliver on their strategic goals while helping professionals launch and grow thriving careers in Project Management.

She has educated 10,000+ individuals and spoken at various events and conferences globally. She has delivered projects worth a total budget of $100 million and helped scale organizations by 100%.

She has an MSc, and is PMP and Scrum certified. She enjoys traveling with her family and is a disciple of Jesus Christ.


Impact Report

From 2020 till date, Ogaga has:

  • Helped 150+ individuals to start and advance their Project Management career including passing the PMP exam with a 100% pass rate.
  • Started an exclusive Project Management Community and within 1 month, grew to 1K+ members with a reach of 15K+ across various social media platforms and 85K+ emails sent to her email community.
  • Taught for 390+ hours, and helped 15+ graduates and immigrants to gain internship opportunities and launch their careers.
  • Started a YouTube channel and in 4 months, recorded 19 videos, reached 17.6K+ views, 1.3K+ watch hours and gained 1.1K+ subscribers.
  • Designed and facilitated Project Management Training programs for 3 leading organizations in Canada and impacted 100+ underrepresented individuals.


We asked Ogaga for Clues

Something that catalyzed your growth - besides working hard?

My husband has been the biggest catalyst for my growth. For example, he does the end-to-end production of my YouTube channel. He also provides strategic advice on how to grow through media and digital platforms. Asides from this, he always helps on the home front; with the children, covers up for me, and invests in my growth. He is the wind beneath my wings and I love him dearly.

Something you're most proud of?

I’m proud of starting my YouTube channel and PM community. This is because I did set them up whilst being a mother of a newborn, an active toddler and leading a growing business. Sometimes I would think, "who sent me to do this work?" It took resilience to be dedicated and committed to consistently educate, guide, and provide advice to complete strangers. But, it is so rewarding and fulfilling because I get to see many individuals gain clarity on their career path, land dream jobs, and lead thriving careers.

All of that happened because I decided to show up. Also, by doing this, I've been privileged to help many more immigrants, especially those of African descent to launch their careers without starting from the bottom.

On Resilience

Showing up daily takes resilience and it's a decision, not a feeling. If you wait to feel like showing up, you may never show up. and the world needs you to show up. By showing up, you show others that it's possible....that they are possible.

Worth Remembering

There is always a way; if one way doesn't work, try another way.

- ogaga johnson


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