Adefolashade Fadeyi

10 Women Showing Up // Builders Edition


Adefolashade Fadeyi

Parenting Strategist & Teens Development Expert | CEO, ADF Coaching and Consulting | Founder, Brighter Girls Life Initiative.

Adefolashade Fadeyi, a seasoned Parenting Strategist and Teen Development Expert, with over 15 years experience in empowering teens with life skills that prepares them for the real world.

She specializes in courses and support programs for busy parents and C-suite executives, employing unconventional tools and strategies. 

Certified in Girl Empowerment Coaching and a Mentors Mentor, Fola founded Brighter Girls Life Initiative, impacting teens globally.


Impact Report

Adefolashade has been building:

  • Founded Brighter Girls and has reached over 10,000 teens through over 10 signature workshops and programs.
  • Created the Teen Tech Guide to help parents navigate the world of technology with their teens and show them how to build a healthy relationship with it.
  • Her program 10 going on 13 helps pre-teens prepare for the world of secondary school and adolescence.
  • Through her work at ADF Coaching and Consulting, she supports busy working executives with her strategic and unconventional tools for creating systems that let them win at parenting while winning at work.
  • Supported dozens of schools and churches to create systems and safe spaces where teens can develop values and life long skills.
  • Serves global youth mentors through her work at Shine From Within Australia, where she mentors and supports youth mentors who collectively reach 400,000+ of teenagers across the world.


We asked Adefolashade for Clues

Something that catalyzed your growth - besides working hard?

Finding myself has definitely been my superpower. I wish it was as simple as it is to say, but it has been a journey. The discovery that what we need is already inside of us is simply liberating. I love that I get to help teens and everyone within their ecosystem find and use their unique super powers, and own it early.

Taking action and studying the track those actions left behind helped me realize my genius. Putting myself in higher systems like communities where I was serving also made people spot my strengths and tell me. But studying my track record and the changes my gifts were creating was key to finding myself and coming into my power.

Everyone is truly powerful!

Something you're most proud of?

Hands down is the transformation I help parents achieve with their teens  within a very short spanx of time. 

It feels great and humbling that I’ve been given a gift that can change people’s lives. Parenting difficulty and regrets can be tough to deal with and being able to help parents flip that is precious. 

On Showing Up

Don’t be afraid of writing or rewriting your story. Be the lead in that story by taking daily, intentional actions. 

Believe in the beauty and transformation of your journey; that as you take strategic actions, you will not stay at the same spot. 

So be okay with your pace, and relish the joy of looking back and saying “ That was me, but see where I am now”.

Be true to your journey and by all means, enjoy it.

Worth Remembering

What you have is enough. Like a seed, it may need to be nurtured in the right environment and systems, but within that seed, is a full capacity and working mechanism to bloom and thrive just like you.

- Adefolashade Fadeyi


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