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 Your Calling is to 

Hide? Shine.

Wild Guess! Someone you trust talked about us, or you stumbled on our content online.

Whatever path you took to get here, it's a joy to see you.

Your gifts and talent are powerful, but it won't matter if you refuse to show up. If you keep hiding, those who need what you have will keep suffering. Not good!

We believe that education, digital literacy and economic empowerment are the pillars of leverage for women in the modern world. And using these pillars to support you is critical to addressing the biggest societal challenges.

We believe that our world needs examples of world-changers like you, who make money and make a difference.

These inspiring people already exist, but they are mostly unknown, unclear, and underpaid.

We're here to change that, and this is your time.


It's True

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She Shows Up Podcast

A conversational style podcast filled with business & branding advice you can actually use. Stories, Inspiration and Practical advice for modern women to show up to their best life, lead generously, and create profitable businesses.

Widely-loved, Instant Bestseller 

Show Up

The book that became a movement. "Show Up" is more than a mantra, it's a call to action, and we've made it our mission to support you through it. Get started with Show Up, your blueprint for building a purposeful & profitable brand, doing work you love, with clients you like.

Scale your Impact 


Want to share your message with the world?

This is the #1 membership experience where you *finally* show up. 

Whether you want to build an influential brand or launch profitable offers, this is your safe space to access top-tier training, templates, and a tribe where your desired level of showing up is the norm.

We guide you to build purposeful boldness, a preferred brand, and a profitable business - assets that set you up for life!

We show you where to start, what to avoid, and how to accelerate your growth. PLUS thoughtful support you won't get anywhere else.


You're in good company

1000+ customers later, we've realized that our favorite clients are multi-passionate and purpose-driven - just like you. We've helped them build impactful and wildly profitable personal brands without losing their authenticity or compromising their values. Every single day, we see our clients grow their influence and income - with their integrity intact. We love it for you!

Our clients get results

Clarity, Confidence & Growth

I started showing up when I plugged into SHOWUP HQ resources. The materials are a breath of fresh air, giving clarity and deep insight into issues I had in my business.

I‘ve developed my writing skills, challenged myself and watched myself grow! I have done things that would have just been "wishes" or "dreams". My mindset has shifted.

Now I know how to present my work with clarity and price my packages with confidence. I am able to share my knowledge with others, and support thousands of PMs across the world. I'm doing all these while working a 9-5; serving as a leader at church as well as being a wife and mom of 2.

Project Management Consultant

The Resources are GOLD

SHOWUP HQ makes my entrepreneur life so easy. When I decided to pivot from only selling products to teaching what I know, I didn’t know how to. In 6 weeks of being in SHOWUP Circle, I’ve revamped my website, created an email funnel and started positioning myself as an expert. Tolu Michaels is excellent at teaching and I know God was thinking about me when He gave her the wisdom & energy to launch this Circle because WHAT?!

Thanks to the resources here, I had a great launch with 34 participants. I wanted to double my revenue, but ended up tripling it. My teaching style is also better and more articulate. I'm learning a lot more than I expected and truly love this experience. SUC is GOLD!

Idea Launch Strategist

Get your Free Personal Brand Blueprint

“Thanks to SHOWUP Circle resources, I have gained clarity on my personal brand and become confident with creating and sharing content. I applied to an incubator program with my app idea and we won an award! Following this, I represented King’s (my Alma Mata) at a pitch competition and we won. All within the first quarter! 

SHOWUP Circle is an enriching and supportive community. Thank you so much for your support!”


The world needs what you have, but..

As long as you remain unclear, unrecognized, and untrusted, your influence and income will be limited. When you learn and implement our Personal Brand Blueprint, you'll accelerate your influence & income.


Personal Branding Blueprint


How to 

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