10 Women Showing Up

Resilience is a value worth recognizing, celebrating and replicating. In this edition, we bring you a showcase of resilience: Real women with relatable stories and relevant results across several niches.

Why is this necessary?

It's a multiplier 

People can't be what they don't see. If you want to replicate a behavior, recognize it. That's exactly what this is about.

It's our reminder

While we remind these 10 women of how impactful their work is, you take these stories as a sign that you're also doing well.

It's your permission

By sharing examples of women showing up, we not only show what's possible, we also give others permission to do the same.


Our Thought Process

  • Integrity. We chose from our clients list because we already know them and can verify their work.
  • Independence. Our team took the liberty to nominate women who fit the theme of this edition. Nothing was solicited or sponsored.
  • Impact. We reached out to nominees to articulate measurable impact, request permission & cross-check information.
  • Innovation. We were adamant about honoring a wide range of women who are doing the work, no matter their age, industry, or popularity. You'll find at least one person you resonate with here.
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SHOWCASE | March 2023

10 Women Showing Up

Ugochi Nwachukwu
Ogaga Johnson
Yagazie Eguare
Deborah Ijeoma
Bodam Taiwo
Aramide Kayode
Grace Amoka
Mercy Ofuya
Tobi Otokiti
Bunmi Oduah


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Funmi Osibajo

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