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It's time to go from Hidden Gem to Household Name

Your gift and expertise can help others. You know it, your favorite people know it, and we know it, too. 

But how do you convince someone you've never met that you're exactly who they need? How do you share your message with a world that doesn't know or like you yet?

It all comes down to how you show up - and this is what we do best.

You've been doing what you can, but without the right information or actionable guidance.

Enough of Trial, Error & Never-ending tips. 

It's time to Show up with clarity, Stand out confidently and Scale your impact.

I know what to focus on at every point as I build my personal brand. Tasks are straight to the point and easy to implement. I love the people, our WINS, the encouragement, and how pressure-free it is!

I like the support and community interaction especially that I don't have to see 1000 notifications from group messaging. I’ve had the opportunity to meet people here doing amazing work and see their growth.

Temi D.


This will be your Secret Weapon

Clarify your message, Grow your audience, Attract juicy opportunities. This is your safe space to learn how!

Topnotch Training

World-class Training to help you build your brand from the ground up. Our curriculum is designed to help you increase your visibility, credibility, impact, and profit. It's actionable, concise, and implementation-focused.

Time-Saving Tools

Plug-and-play Templates, Checklists, and Tools that save you time and effort. Our templates help you stand out because they are based on strategy, not copy-caste copy that makes you sound same as everyone else.

Transformative Tribe

Our world-class membership experience thrives on the commitment of like-minded people who "get it" and genuinely care about each other. They will show up to support, encourage, and give you useful feedback. Collaborations & Discussions are the norm.

Thoughtful Support

We don't mean a Facebook Group with a coach who ghosts. Think Accountability, Personalized Feedback, Unlimited Q&A and hilarious, inspir-actional group Live calls.


You're purpose-driven, You want to grow your influence & income while making visible, sustainable impact. You identify as a:

  • Leader
  • Coach
  • Speaker
  • Consultant
  • Expert
  • Author
  • Creator
  • Strategist
  • Creative
  • Entrepreneur

If that's you, then you've found your home!


You see this thing we do - creating and serving people online? It's not everyone who gets it. And even those who get it, so many are struggling. If you're only looking at the hustlers & strugglers, you would think that's how it's supposed to be.

But no. Not everyone is struggling. With all your passion and wisdom, you deserve to meet more people like you. Being around the right people is VITAL for growth. You meet those right people and support system here.


You are smart and can find the answer to any question. But if you've ever seen a group of doctors smoking, then you know that information is not the problem.

A one-off online course is enough for some, but your vision is different. You want to be the kind of person who shows up with your voice and gifts to help others, so you need more.. More time, more tools, and more support. You get that here.

I went from not knowing where to start to clarity on my personal brand. I become confident with creating and sharing content, thanks to the resources In SHOWUP Circle. I launched a podcast, I applied to an incubator program with my app idea and we won an award! Following this, I represented King’s (my Alma Mata) at a pitch competition and we became the year's champion. Our app has also been launched

SHOWUP Circle is an enriching and supportive community!


TM has a lovely "authentic" vibe about her and I think this set the tone for the community. We are not comparing ourselves to anyone else, but simply encouraged to reach within and build from a place of authenticity and truth.

I loved the days she showed up to member-events with her daughter; it was so authentic and made me feel there was nothing I couldn't achieve or "limitations" I couldn't overcome. Thanks for the authenticity!


About SHOWUP Circle

It's like having a permanent, expert cheerleader who sees the highest potential of your brand, and is committed to helping you get there. We support some of the most respected, multi-passionate, impact-driven Experts and Creators. Our process is simple, but our results are solid.


  • World-class Content
  • Thoughtful Client Support
  • Outstanding Learning Experience
  • Detailed, Personalized Feedback
  • Active, Inspiring community
  • Remarkable, Verifiable Results

I have signed up for premium programs and gotten some form of help; but this one was like a re-set, I literally found gold that was locked up within me and I could better articulate my offer. TM is a dynamic teacher.

Abraham o.

“We need more people like you showing up and making a difference. It's time to go from Hidden jewel to Household name. The world needs what you have

They Say

Why They Love it Here

Encouragement, Zero-regrets and Bliss

SHOWUP Circle has been a blessing, an inspiration and a driver... thank you for everything you did to make it so. I love how you're so precise on the steps to take. You've encouraged me to believe more in myself and what I have to offer. You're never aggressive on why your way is the ultimate... there are other people talking about personal branding but you come from a genuine place of care, not "do-it-or-die". I've never regretted the time or money spent with you. Always worth it!


Tolu helped me show up and mean business. Speaking with her led to a mind reset, and she reminded me about how good I am at what I do. She showed me possibilities and gave me clarity at different stages. In fact, sometimes, she’d say: 'Don't you dare charge less than $xyz for that!'
Despite how multifaceted I am as an author, film maker, coach, and pastor, I've been able to position myself as a market leader in my industry, and have become one of the top book writing coaches on the continent. I not only started to make more money, but also record better results when I began to attract premium clients. This year alone, my work has been featured on various international media platforms, and several of my clients have become authors.


Writing Coach, FilmMaker and Best-selling Author

To be honest, the inspiration I receive from this community is more than words can express. The energy and focus is deep. It continues to benefit me everyday and I’m so grateful. It has impacted my mind, self and business.

The courses gave me clarity on what to focus on at each stage of building my brand. It’s been ah-mazing! There's still a lot to achieve, but I love how I'm moving and the growth opportunities.


Audit Tutor and ICAN Success Coach

Tolu is such a fantastic, reliable, smart, and articulate coach. She made the bumpy journey look so simple and easy to ride on. I have met quite a number of coaches, but she is one with a huge difference. I’m so happy to call her my coach. Thank you TM for your time, patience and the safe space you provided for this journey to be a reality today.


Creator, The Business of Cleaning

In SHOWUP Circle, I have a safe space where I can learn and grow. The structure and resources help me reflect on whether I am intentionally growing my personal brand and doing all that I need to do.

There is no technical jargon or trying to sound snazzy. SHOWUP Circle has helped me my content creation, refine my offers, and profitably publish my book.


Relationship Expert & Author, Waiting Gracefully

There's no award for struggling.

If you’ve been trying to grow your brand & business on your own, with little progress, why not try getting help?


Step up for the impact you're here to make.

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